Books for teen boys

My second son had a hard time learning to read. After going through several different methods and a LOT of one-on-one time, he got it…but somewhere between learning how to read, the reading for fun part was lost.

He would complete his school assignments, even plow through book reports because he HAD to, but unlike my older son, he was not just picking up a book to read because he wanted to read.

Action-oriented books

for teen boys
I made it my mission this year to find books he would enjoy, and hopefully spark a life-long love of reading. He is 13 and a very action-oriented fella so the following list is biased to suit his likes and dislikes.

So far, so good. He likes my choices and even brought not one, but two books on our family camping trip….

Books for teen boys

Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata

Boys who are especially reluctant to read, may be coerced with true stories. Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam is a great intro to a wide variety of true stories. Historical fiction can be very intriguing for kids who dislike fantasy novels. My son finds true stories much more enjoyable. As a bonus, historical fiction can add another layer to his school studies making lessons come alive as well. I’d say that is a win-win.

Football Genius by Tim Green

Author Tim Green offers this interesting story with credibility, using his own NFL experience as a backdrop. Boys who are into sports may not like fantasy, but be drawn in by a book that fulfills his dream. There are several books in the series to keep the reading momentum going including Football Hero, Football Champ and The Big Time.