Learning Fun with Easter Eggs

Easter is a fun holiday for little ones. Not only is the weather typically warming up around this time of year; people hide colorful plastic eggs full of candy! The annual egg hunt can lead to a variety of interesting learning games. If you do not want to wait, simply gather your collection of plastic eggs and get started today!

Learning Fun with Easter Eggs

Reinforce skills with plastic eggs for preschoolers

Group, sort, and organize the eggs. Teach children how to group using a variety of Easter eggs. Over the years, my plastic egg collection has become quite diverse. We have the traditional colorful plastic eggs in red, yellow, blue and purple as well as the pastel versions, the large, the small and a handful of novelty eggs that are designed to look like sports balls.

Let your child dump the bag and sort into piles. They can sort by color, size or other criteria they determine. Instead of piles some children naturally place eggs in lines. My son was always lining things up, cars, stuffed animals and the eggs.

Color recognition– Hide eggs and have them look for only a certain color. You can put little notes inside to make the impromptu hunt more fun. Red eggs can have a note that says “Red” for example to help your child associate the word with the color.

Number recognition– Put a letter or number inside each egg, and then have the child line up all the number from 1-10 or check off each letter as they find it on a chart.

Learning Fun with Easter Eggs

Teach an older child how to make a map with Easter eggs. Let them hide eggs and create a map to each location, or hand them a map that you prepared to lead them to the hidden eggs.

Practice skip counting with eggs or introduce concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Ask questions such as, “How many eggs does everyone get?” “If there are ten eggs hidden and you found seven, how many eggs are left?”

Word pattern reinforcement can be accomplished through playing with Easter eggs. Write a word pattern such as “at” and put it inside an egg. When a child finds that word pattern, they are instructed to write down all the different words that follow that pattern such as; bat, cat, sat, fat and so on.

Review for a test by putting a question in each egg. When a child chooses an egg, they have to open it and answer the question posed. Alternately, place the answers inside the egg and have the child come up with the question. This works especially well with memorizing state capitols.

Easter eggs are an inexpensive way to infuse fun into learning. Be sure to add a little surprise treat from time to time to keep the games more exciting.