Fooseball for Toddlers and more ..

Make your own Preschool Foosball, Skee Ball and Air Hockey games to keep your child – and the men in his life – amused.

It can be sometimes be hard for a man to figure out all the ins and outs of a proper tea party or understand the chain of command when it comes to playing baby dolls, but Foosball, Foosball he can understand.

Fooseball for Toddlers and more ..

While I refuse to call it babysitting when a dad (or sibling for that matter) watches their own child – (brother or sister) these games will make the time spent alone together more enjoyable for all involved.

These may not last more than one or two uses, but that’s okay; the materials are basically free, (recycled products) and making it is half the fun.

Toddler Foosball

My kids are drawn to foosball tables. They may not be able to see into the table to know what is going on, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to win!

Supplies needed:

Large box lid, box, or poster board with sides taped up
Wooden spoons or spatulas
Aluminum foil
Paper and crayons
Soccer images (optional)

Fooseball for Toddlers and more ..

Glue soccer images to the bottom of the box lid if desired. A piece of green construction paper also works just fine, but not required to play if you do not have it.
Cut slits on either side of the box lid to insert the wooden spoon or spatulas.
Draw and cut out two soccer players. Tape to the end of the spoon or spatula. You can find images online, or just sketch out the player. Be sure they are wearing different colored jerseys!

Cut holes on either end to serve as goals, or just draw goals in the inside.
Drop a small aluminum foil ball in the box and bat the ball to move it around.
Be dramatic and shout, “Goal!” when you score. Play it up and your toddler will enjoy the game even more.